Commissioned Art: acrylics, oil, mixing arts, water color & digital


The Artist, Marta Solaz, can be hired to create an artwork, based on client’s request.

You can turn any digital photo or image into personalized art. Marta can create customized art for you: portraits, nursery, travel photos, wedding pics, landscapes, abstract decor.. in oil, acrylics, water color, digital or mixing arts.

If you’re interested on transforming a picture or an idea into a beautiful canvas painted and signed by Marta Solaz, please, send us a detailed e-mail to [email protected] with the information requested below, and we’ll reply you back, within few days, with a proposal of budget and time to deliver your customized work of art.

Information and material required on your e-mail:

  • A file (less than 5Mb) including the image you’d like to have customized
  • Name and Last Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Style: To choose from Acrylic, oil, mixing arts, water color & digital
  • Size desired in inches or centimeters (height & width)
  • Any other specific note or information you’d like to include

Marta makes it simple to commission a painting online from your most memorable or meaningful photo or image. elevate your memories or ideas into the most precious piece of art.