Marta Solaz: The Artist

Marta Solaz is a Los Angeles-based artist, originally from Spain where she studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Then she moved to Madrid where she had the opportunity to exhibit her work. 

Marta has always been dedicated to Arts. She has worked her entire life as an actor but her inner Visual Artist always accompanied her, fascinated with how light plays with nature, objects, or faces on stage, on a set, or on life itself.

That’s why after some intermittent attempts to develop her painting she is ready to freely experiment it. Sharing what she imagines, sharing her certainties and her doubts, her lights and her shadows. To “perform” as she has always done as an actor but completing the missing part related to painting. Manifesting with her hands, as the etymology says: Mani = hands, fest = festivity. So let’s celebrate with our hands!

Let’s Resignify.

She works on the idea of Resignify as a main inner motor. Every aspect of our personality and our life experiences can’t be removed but resignified. We can give them a new meaning, transcend them and move on to the next level. Becoming human beings that can see things in a higher perspective than ourselves.

That’s why she loves to resignify old photography. Women from the past living here in our present. Different colors, different meanings. The range of women she is on the inside expressed in women she paints on the outside. Marta uses Oil and Acrylic to create fragments of emotional aspects that complete her in the very moment she creates them. And she hopes that whoever acquires them will complete them either. 

She also encourages us to resignify our ancestors and to make them shine through our imagination and manifestation. That is why she mixes her grandma’s embroidery interest with her interest in watercolor. Creating personal art workpieces of her family tree and on-demand. 

Marta also expresses her passion for cinema by painting film frames that inspire her.

Marta Solaz